Everything Leaves A Mark

I'm a mess, I confess.
I'm a work in progress.
I'm a thing of beauty.
Aime-moi pour qui je suis.


ok new rule: if you’re gonna call me “cute” you have to specify whether you mean “cute like a little girl/baby animal” or “cute enough to bang mercilessly”

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gotta better myself, my body, my skin and my bank account

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The longer video of ol’ boy killin it!

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I like holding hands, sweet romantic kisses, and for you to hold my neck as you fuck the fucking fuck out of me…


Alexandra Bracken

Everything you love is here

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I look at you, and I just love you, and it terrifies me. It terrifies me what I would do for you.




Y’all quick as fuck with these gifs.

This was important though.

I need every pretentious college student to see this tho. This is an important PSA.

This show is awesome :) 

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I love winter nights. Flickering fires, hot chocolate, scary movies and feeling you up on the sofa.
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